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Attention: Cancelled Event

We at C.O.M.E. thank you for your patience.

We have had staff members recently become ill, therefore, we are giving them time to recover before we continuing with our bi-weekly events. For the safety and wellness of all, the Good News Giveaway event scheduled for September 11, 2022 has been cancelled. We will resume with our Bread of Life Food Pantry on September 25, 2022.

Update: Grand Giveaway

An event to look forward to...

C.O.M.E. is preparing our greatest grand giveaway ever! Join us Sunday November 13, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. as we serve individuals, families, and communities. The first two patrons to sign in will receive a free bike. The first ten patrons to sign in will also receive a dozen of our fresh, free range, delicious eggs, candles, and a few other surprises. We will have an abundance of clothes, toys, games, household goods, small appliances, decorations, and much more. Due to our grand events in November, we did not have any giveaways or pantries for the month of October. We appreciate your patience as we diligently prepare for our upcoming affairs. We look forward to seeing your bright and smiling faces soon.

Bread of Life Pantry

The Feed My Sheep Program

Feed My Sheep is Community Outreach Ministry Effort's initiative to produce, cultivate, and distribute healthy livestock products and produce. We are also dedicated to implementing responsible methods of operation that positively affect the environment. By becoming a producer and distributor of goods, Feed My Sheep is expanding C.O.M.E.'s ability to aid our surrounding communities. With the capacity to grow, prepare, and distribute natural and organic food, we not only ease financial burdens, but also positively contribute to the overall health of our patrons.

This program has multiple interweaving components that operate for the good of others. One aspect we have is the production of our vegetables, fruits, and eggs. Our garden was planted in 2020 and is successfully yielding various fruits and vegetables, as it continues to expand each year. Our fruit tree orchard is successfully taking off, while our chickens have started laying eggs in the thousands each year. We have also acquired a small number of cattle to begin our dairy production. We are actively seeking grants and funding so that we may obtain our greenhouse, which will allow us to produce food no matter what the season may be. The more we can produce, the more we can give!

Another key component of Feed My Sheep is our onsite kitchen. We have been blessed with a facility that will give us the ability to both store food and also serve it to our patrons. Some of our patrons do not have the means to prepare their own food, as some do not have the necessary appliances, while others, unfortunately, do not even have a place to lay their heads. By serving hot and/or ready-to-eat meals we can alleviate this issue. As we continue to expand and grow our operations, not only will we be able to feed many families and individuals, but we will also be able to supply food pantries, food banks, shelters, hospitals, schools, and anywhere else that may find it useful.

The Feed My Sheep program is also determined to implement sources of renewable and clean energy so while we are caring for people, we are also taking care of the environment. As we acquire solar and wind energy resources, this will aid C.O.M.E. in cementing the Feed My Sheep initiative as a program that will last from generation to generation.

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