Attention: Cancelled Event

We at C.O.M.E. thank you for your patience.

We have had staff members recently become ill, therefore, we are giving them time to recover before we continuing with our bi-weekly events. For the safety and wellness of all, the Good News Giveaway event scheduled for September 11, 2022 has been cancelled. We will resume with our Bread of Life Food Pantry on September 25, 2022.

Update: Grand Giveaway

An event to look forward to...

C.O.M.E. is preparing our greatest grand giveaway ever! Join us Sunday November 13, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. as we serve individuals, families, and communities. The first two patrons to sign in will receive a free bike. The first ten patrons to sign in will also receive a dozen of our fresh, free range, delicious eggs, candles, and a few other surprises. We will have an abundance of clothes, toys, games, household goods, small appliances, decorations, and much more. Due to our grand events in November, we did not have any giveaways or pantries for the month of October. We appreciate your patience as we diligently prepare for our upcoming affairs. We look forward to seeing your bright and smiling faces soon.

What we do:

Community Outreach Ministry Efforts (COME) endeavors to positively impact the lives of those who we serve. We are a public community-based non-profit organization(501(c)(3) certified) that was conceived by the vision of sharing the abundance of resources to change lives for the better. COME's programs are available to anyone, regardless of an individual's race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran, or disability status. Our programs aim to provide life's essentials, such as food and clothing, to all who may need them, with an emphasis on the impoverished and needy. Not only do we supply tangible goods, but we also provide a peaceful atmosphere for community residents to indulge in the tranquility of acres of open land, the excitement of being able to interact with various animals, open space for bike riding, the chance to have positive social interaction, and more. We look for every opportunity to change lives for the better and to make lasting impacts.

How we do it:

COME has a multifaceted approach in accomplishing our goals and objectives. We take the initiative in implementing ideas that benefit the good of the community. There are meaningful ideas that are not realized because they seem too difficult to accomplish or because no one feels that it is their responsibility, but we at COME feel as though we must help our neighbors and community. We are actively planting, growing, and cultivating food resources to combat food insecurity. Through strategic and effective community partnerships, we are collecting, distributing, and donating essential goods. By hosting multiple events, we are creating recognizable and trusted opportunities for our communities to receive help and valuable assistance. Fortunately, we have the blessing and benefit of sharing information and goods with like-minded individuals and organizations, so that our volunteer efforts extend past even our own capabilities. By directly helping those who need it and by collaborating with those who are equipped to help others, we are combating poverty, food insecurity, and other social issues on multiple fronts. On the occasion when a request is made outside of the scope of our abilities, we do not hesitate to put our constituents in contact with whoever may be able to fulfill their request. Through unity and being on one accord, there is nothing that we can not accomplish!

Who we do it for:

Being in the heart of Texas's Bell County, COME is privileged to serve a wide and diverse audience with various needs. We are based in Belton, TX, less than 25 miles away from Fort Hood. As such, our service area is home to the largest military veteran population in the United States. Our constituents come from all walks of life, including a range of war veterans, homeless citizens, victims of abuse, previous felons, students, food pantries, and shelters, all requiring different levels of help. We operate to help the underserved, the overlooked, the rejected, the outcasts, and anyone in between.

Where we do it at:

Community Outreach Ministry Efforts and our subsequent programs have a permanent home located at:

10853 F.M 439
Belton, TX 76513.

We aspire to be a reproducible model to communities across the nation, and as resources allow us to do so, we plan on broadening our reach beyond any border, while working side by side with organizations and people that have the same mindset and are willing to uphold our standard of excellence.
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